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rebuilding my balcony flooring

rebuilding my balcony flooring

i have problem on my balcony on the second floor. when it ... you can use bitchathane membrane a rubber sheet material .. or metal flashing .. tuck it under the clapboards or remove a couple to get the flashing under and then replace the clapboards .. when you reinstall the floor leave some little spacing between the floor boards so any rain will have a chance of running off instead of puddling .. you can work your floor boards around the railings .. or take them off.. your choice ..

balcony flooring ideas take inspiration from these balcony flooring ideas and spruce up your boring balcony into most enjoyable space of your home. 1. artificial grass turf is used on the floor of this balcony garden. smartly covered for privacy with green fabric screen these black planters and cool colored flowers are ...

how to repair a deck - the repairing a small area of your deck can save you time and money. if a cosmetic issue remove the plank flip and refasten. if repairing a damaged joist support the deck on one side or it could crash. make any wood replacements with a similar type of pressure-treated lumber.

balcony waterproofing & balcony concrete repair | balcony ... as well as balcony deck waterproofing coatings we also supply products to repair and strengthen concrete balconies from corrosion caused by water/chloride ingress. if your balcony project requires deck repair concrete repair or additional strengthening before waterproofing coatings are applied we can help.

how to repair old porches - old house journal magazine porches are subject to the insidious force of all weathers from driving rain and bleaching sun to wind-driven snow and high humidity. if not kept in good repair using water-resistant materials and strategically applied coats of paint the key elements of a porch—floors framing posts railings and decorative elements—will deteriorate quickly.

diy leaky balcony repair - clear waterproofing membrane ... repair you own leaky balcony for approx 10% of the cost of a contractor without removing tiles. its all possible with remedial membranes clear waterproofing membrane. also check out our ...

building a balcony deck | the floor joists inside the home are extended outside beyond the walls of the house to support the deck floor. the strength of the joists in the balcony are dependent on a considerable “backspan” of the same joists into the structure generally a minimum of three times the length of the joists exposed at the balcony.

how to fix sagging floors - old house journal magazine one of the most common complaints of old-house owners is sagging floors. in my own house for example every floor pitches toward the center stairwell. although generally only an annoyance sagging floors can be an indication of worsening problems. here's a quick review of the most common problems ...

fixing a damaged floor joist - extreme how to repair sagging cracked or broken floor framing. by rob robillard i recently had to repair a floor joist that had cracked. i suppose somewhere in the world there are floor joists that need to be repaired that have wide open clear joist bays with no pipes wires or obstructions. unfortunately that’s not my […]

how do i properly renovate the concrete floor of my balcony? there is a balcony i want to renovate. it looks terrible! i removed that strange concrete substance as it was shattered by wear and tear. there was an asphalt board between this layer and building panel that allowed me to remove that layer with ease. my goals: remove old concrete layer from balcony floor (done) lay a new thin layer of concrete

how to replace a balcony floor with plywood | home guides ... throw a couple of sheets of plywood across the now-bare joists to provide a safe platform on which to walk. cut each piece of plywood outside on the balcony to eliminate messes indoors. center the...

3 ways to repair vinyl flooring - wikihow use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clear away any existing dirt or debris from the surface of your vinyl flooring where the cut or scrape is located. mop and rinse the damaged area with fresh warm water if vacuuming or sweeping the area does not remove the dirt.

2nd story balcony repair & waterproofing - youtube 2nd story balcony repair and waterproofing in san diego - in this video you will a complete balcony re-sheet and installation of waterproofing material on and existing 2nd story balcony - we ...

how to repair a concrete balcony | ehow clean your concrete balcony floor using a pressure washer fitted with a fan tip. hold the washer 8 inches above the concrete floor and move it in slow sweeps to remove accumulated dirt and debris exposing the cracks. step 2 fill cracks holes and crevices on the floor with concrete repair caulk.

how to repair hardwood plank flooring | how-tos | diy hardwood floors can be damaged by any number things. we had professional teppanyaki chefs prepare food on our hardwood floor and take a few whacks at it with machetes and axes just so we can show you how to repair it.

problems with balcony slopes| concrete construction magazine so if the balcony extends partly over conditioned space (that is it also serves as a roof) and the puddles dissipate within two days you could use this to your advantage in a dispute with the general contractor or developer. remember that in a dispute over the correctness of balcony slopes puddles in and of themselves are not proof of a defect.

who is responsible for repairing the condo balcony deck ... fred owns a condominium that has a balcony. the deck of the balcony is a bit old and worn. it has developed cracks such that if there is rain the water leaks

how to repair a deck: tips and guidelines | howstuffworks inspect your deck frequently for popped nails and loose railings or boards. remove and replace any nails that have popped with coated screws and immediately repair or replace loose railings to avoid hazards. to clean everyday dirt from a wood deck use a mild household detergent in water to wash it.

rebuilding my balcony floor coverings when it comes to replacing the floor of your balcony use treated plywood to ensure it... such as a liquid or rolled membrane -- to completely cover the plywood. get quotes / contact us rebuild an old deck with new decking and railings - the family...

how to replace a rotten wood porch floor | today's homeowner use a rubber mallet or a scrap of the flooring as a protective block when tapping the floor boards together. blind-nail the flooring in the tongue using galvanized or stainless steel finishing nails. after the flooring has been installed apply two coats of porch and deck enamel paint to protect the top surface. watch this video to find out more.

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