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characteristics of stylish floor roof

characteristics of stylish floor roof

advantages & disadvantages of a shed-style roof | hunker

this style was once used mainly on sheds but it's becoming more popular on residential homes. sometimes the entire roof is a shed-style roof. on other homes only a section of the structure uses a shed roof. you might use a shed roof on a new addition to your home even though the rest of the house has a hip roof or another design for example ...

architectural styles - mibor

balance and symmetry define the french provincial style which has a steep hip roof. balance and symmetry are the ruling characteristics of this formal style. homes are often brick with detailing in copper or slate. windows and chimneys are symmetrical and perfectly balanced at least in original versions of the style.

38 american foursquare home photos plus architectural details

key features of the american foursquare house include: 6. 2 1/2 stories in height: most are 2.5 stories in height. the upper floor is usually one large open space which is a cool design element because it functions much like a large bonus room. 7. efficient layout: because it’s a square with only 4 sides...

contemporary minimalist house where its all in the details ...

contemporary minimalist house where its all in the details furniture architecture modern and floor plans characteristics of imperialism romanticis pisces a healthy relationship successful entrepreneurs planets characteristic c diff stool matter biography mental mammals six living things.

midcentury modern houses: characteristics | hunker

the vast majority of midcentury modern houses sit on one floor. they make a statement without needing to create too many bells and whistles. they make a statement without needing to create too many bells and whistles.

what are the characteristics of modern architecture ...

modern architecture also features linear elements. lines are highly important in the design and the physical elements of the building such as beams posts windows staircases and fireplaces are used to assist the creation of a linear space. the lines are typically straight and angled and roof lines are bold.

modern architecture: characteristics & style - video ...

modern architecture: characteristics & style. ... a flat roof and clean lines. functionality & open floor plan. the form of a modern building is also determined by its functionality ...

architectural styles & their characteristics

2. this building style “monterey” popularized a second story to the adobe structure decorative treatments 3. roof: topped with a low pitched gabled roof of wood shingles and included a second floor cantilevered porch or balcony that was covered by the principal roof often

characteristics of bungalow style houses | dengarden

cape cod – a cape cod bungalow has a steep pitched roof end gables and a central chimney. this simple new england style is perfectly symmetrical with a centered front door flanked by side windows. in fact the first american bungalow was built on cape cod in 1879 by architect william gibbons preston.

modern architecture: characteristics & style - video ...

simplified forms & clean lines. thus simple plain geometric forms rectangular shapes and linear elements make the characteristics of modern architecture. this can be seen in the weissenhof siedlung in stuttgart germany that showcases a box-like building cubic volume a flat roof and clean lines.

10 forgotten lessons of mid-century modern design | build blog

mcm design is very clever about using the inherent characteristics of materials as finishes within the home. ... mid century modern 10 forgotten lessons of mid century modern design said ... i think back to the 10 forgotten lessons of mid-century modern design which included: modestly nestling the home into the site creating harmony with the ...

7 types of elegant french style homes - ns designs

second empire. some homes utilize wood quoins at the corners and an abundant use of wood trim along windows and doors. roofs of this home style which were mansard roofs provided a lot more space allowing for a whole additional floor as opposed to an attic. the roofs almost always had slate shingles.

defining a house style: what makes a contemporary home?

though contemporary design does hold a strong emphasis on individuality there are a few defining characteristics that tie this style of home together. they are: exterior: an irregular asymmetrical façade; strong emphasis on geometric shapes; large windows; clerestory windows; use of recycled building materials

contemporary house plan 21151aa the carywood: 2104 sqft 3 ...

sought after aesthetic. house plan 21151aa: the carywood is a 2104 sqft contemporary country and farmhouse style home floor plan featuring amenities like bonus room covered patio free standing tub and mud room by alan mascord design associates inc.

top 3 types of roof structures - sater design collection

top 3 types of roof structures. using trusses you have complete flexibility in interior room. trusses are an engineered and tested product. there are nationally recognized standards for truss design and manufacturing of metal plate connected wood trusses. these standards have been adopted by major model building codes.

prairie style house plans -

prairie style home plans appear to grow out of the ground with a low pitched overhanging hipped or gable roof windows set in groups and an entrance that is typically secluded. prairie style homes feature wide open floor plans. to see more prairie style house plans try our advanced floor plan search.

farmhouse plans | small classic & modern farmhouse floor ...

today modern farmhouse plans have comfortable inviting elegant modern designs allowing the home to become the true focal point of the property. here are some other common characteristics of farmhouse style homes: these homes can be a one- or two-story structure with simple vertical lines and oftentimes a gable roof.

tile roof features and benefits chart | tile roofing ...

design. full range of profiles and styles roof tiles can match any architectural style required for the building structure. they are designed to emulate traditional barrel style or other roofing materials such as wood and slate.

shed roof house plans high pitched modern sq ft and floor ...

high pitched roof house designs awesome new gable plans. clean lines and a low pitched roof plan rk heated sf beds on our high end plans we provide architectural interior exterior an article sharing the most popular simple modern roof designs all characteristics pitched roofs which is why many house with.

architectural styles & their characteristics

3. roof: one or two bell-towers flanked the façade curvelinear gable roof constructed of clay tiles some more sophisticated structures had domes vaulted ceilings curved stonework. materials: adobe or stone which as white-washed with lime. doors: windows: chimneys: 4. style variation: 5. commonalities: 6.

american colonial architecture characteristics & history

these houses are again a part of the american colonial style so they are similar to the other styles but they have their own unique features. characteristics include: two foot thick walls made of sandstone; symmetrical façade; reinforced stone arches above door and windows on first floor; made with a wooden frame and field stones; dutch colonial

shingle style house facts and history | guide to ...

characteristics. in contrast to the other victorian-era styles shingle style de-emphasized applied decoration and detailing in favor of complex shapes wrapped in cedar shingles. its few decorative details tended to enhance the irregularity of the construction with the shingles tying the diverse forms together.

architectural styles | log homes timber homes

mountain modern™ log and timber homes. when you go back to the roots of modern style design you find frank lloyd wright’s prairie style. an important component of these types of homes was a connection to natural elements and the surrounding environment.

shed style house plans from

shed style floor plans. they feature multiple single-plane roofs often sloping in different directions creating unique geometric shapes. wood shingles or vertical board siding typically covers the exterior and front doorways are recessed and downplayed. large windows are arranged for views to the outside.

roof characteristics -

lean-to roof. it consists of a plain surface one end or one side of which is raised to a higher level than the other side or end and supported in this position by means of walls or by means of posts at the four corners. the position in which the surface is supported enables the rain water to drain freely from it...

advantages & disadvantages of a shed-style roof | hunker

advantages & disadvantages of a shed-style roof. many different types of roof styles are common such as the gable roof the gambrel and the hip roof. some of these styles are easier to build than others but may have other advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. the shed style roof is a simple design known for its versatility for many different purposes.

the pros and cons of having a gambrel roof |

the pros and cons of having a gambrel roof by ... this was the standard roof used by the dutch and georgian style homes. thus this roof design is associated with the history from these times. easy built up - the roofs can be easily constructed and allow more space for an upper floor. the roof is simple to frame out. the conventional gambrel ...

a complete guide to victorian home styles features & plans

cozy nooks were common in victorian floor plans. the interior of the home tended to be unique and often rambling in its complexity. multiple bedrooms second-floor balconies double doors ornate stairways and detailed interior trim are just a few of the typical features of victorian homes and floor plans.

mediterranean house plans from

mediterranean style floor plans mediterranean-style homes mimic those traditionally found in mediterranean countries particularly spain france and italy. a low-pitched tile roof often red is the most distinctive characteristic of this style of home plan.

characteristics of cottage house plans | america's best ...

characteristics of cottage house plans. dormers create the steep rooflines that define many cottage house plans. they not only create a pleasing dramatic roofline but they also add floor space to the area under the roof. cottage house plans with dormers are especially great for growing families or those that desire extra storage...

simple modern roof designs - yr architecture

for starters the gable roof is a very simple straightforward and functional design – all modern characteristics. pitched roofs can take on various aesthetics that when detailed right can exude a modern feel. a gable roof provides the opportunity for additional floor space in the roof volume like a loft or attic space.

characteristics of bungalow style houses | dengarden

characteristics of bungalow style houses. pockets of bungalow houses or “bungalow belts” can be found in most american cities. they are typically situated in urban areas along old streetcar lines. owning a bungalow is like owning a little piece of early 20th century american history. if you are a fan of historic homes...

15+ cape cod house style ideas and floor plans ( interior ...

the style of this type of house is effortless in a rugged architecture and almost primitive. the pitched roof is gabled and there is a rectangular-like footprint. even the modern version of the cape cod house still relies on two functions: efficient heating and no complicated construction. in other words this works wonders for winter times.

10 common architectural styles for your custom home before ...

modern homes are often boxy and geometric with a flat roof and have a dramatic curbside appearance. their material components are typically glass steel and concrete. and the use of solid white walls is a very common feature of modern homes. floor-to-ceiling windows are a common feature in many modern homes as are unusual exterior features.

defining a house style: what makes a ranch home?

defining features of a ranch home. exterior: long low-pitch roofline. a mix of materials on the exterior (most commonly stucco wood brick or stone) cross-gabled side-gabled or hip roof. deep overhanging eaves. large windows. sliding glass doors.

5 characteristics of modern minimalist house designs

characteristics of modern minimalist house design include: simplicity in form and function. uncomplicated cladding & wall finishes. clean open light-filled spaces. simple detailing devoid of decoration. strategic use of materials for visual interest texture and personality.

colonial style homes: 7 characteristics that make this ...

pitched roof. this type of roof is susceptible to damage from high winds; therefore it is not commonly found in the south or in coastal regions. colonial style homes in areas prone to high winds or hurricanes typically have a hip roof which has a more inward slope on all four sides and is more durable.

modern log and timber homes - precisioncraft log & timber ...

design characteristics. angular log walls and timber frame structures. flat sloping roof lines. large walls of glass that blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces. integration of metal accents such as steel and copper.

adobe house plans - home floor plans

common characteristics of adobe house plans: most often seen in the southwest. typically has a flat roof but it might have a slight slope. often referred to as santa fe or pueblo style. the flat roof usually has a parapet around it. thick outer walls constructed with real adobe blocks or concrete blocks.

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