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best linseed oil for teak swim platforms

best linseed oil for teak swim platforms

cedar fence to treat or not to treat? | this old house cedar fence to treat or not to treat? ... i sell them with and without teak oil. the best is to allow the wood to turn naturally. andrew. handy andy in mt. airy ... weird question: when i worked in a marina many many years ago they used transmission oil to oil teak swim platforms and trim. the red color seemed to make the teak prettier faster ...

boiled linseed oil vs teak oil - apg ottawa both boiled linseed oil and teak oil penetrate wood well. boiled linseed oil though can be very difficult to remove from wood furniture or wood floors. for a high traffic area or piece of furniture boiled linseed is best because it will retain its luster longer but will be difficult to refinish if desired.

teak oils tested - you wouldn't buy a can of paint without looking at the color chips but when it comes to teak finishes boat owners are groping in the dark. to find out exactly what you can expect from a teak oil both in longevity and in coloration we conducted a test of 12 different brands of oil. the testing ...

finishing - can i use teak oil instead of linseed oil for ... i have access to reasonably priced linseed oil. however it is cold pressed. boiled linseed oil is a lot more expensive where i am. teak oil is in between the two. i do not want to use pure linseed oil because of the drying time (i heard it can take forever). teak oil got my interest because it seems to dry faster and offer better protection.

semco teak wood sealer - jamestown distributors semco teak wood sealant goes on easy dries quickly and provides a non-slip finish. keeping exposed teak looking its best is challenging. varnishes aren't ideal as the natural oils in this wood can cause blistering or peeling. most common teak protectants are solvent and linseed oil based and oxidize over time.

teak care - boattech - boatus teak oils are primarily either linseed oil or tung oil bolstered by resins to make them more durable. linseed oil tends to darken the teak but it is significantly cheaper. tung oil doesn't darken the wood and it is more water resistant than linseed oil — a notable advantage for boat use.

teak oil or teak sealer...which is better for treating ... if you've bought some new teak furniture for your patio you might want to treat it with teak oil or teak sealer. but which one is the best to use and why? if you've bought some new teak furniture for your patio you might want to treat it with teak oil or teak sealer. ... instead teak oil is actually made from either linseed oil or tung oil ...

refinishing swim platform - planetnautique forums the best way to re-hab teak is with steel wool and linseed oil. hope you didn't waste too much money and good luck getting that varnish off....i'd suggest getting it off sooner than later. life is good.

best teak oil for 2019 - this is crucial for the long ... watco teak oil is one of the best oils for nut just teak but also other dense woods such as rosewood and mahogany. it also works equally as well for both interior and exterior teak furniture. drying time can last up to 8 hours and one 32 oz can of oil comfortably covers 170 square feet of wood.

cedar fence to treat or not to treat? | this old house my personal preference is 50/50 turpentine and boiled linseed oil. the turpentine acts as a carrier for the boiled linseed oil drawing the boiled linseed oil deeper into the wood then evaporates leaving the boiled linseed oil behind. this also rejuvenates damaged weathered wood. and yes i use this on cedar wood as well. teak oil is stupid expensive.

totalboat marine wood finish - jamestown distributors a unique linseed oil and resin formula contains advanced uv inhibitors for greater protection durability and longevity. keep your woodwork looking beautiful with the least amount of maintenance necessary. goes on like a paint - looks like a varnish. available in teak satin and gloss finishes. teak is suited for teak and other dark hardwoods.

teak decks oil or not??? - ybw boat is 2002 model new to us and we are off for a 10 day holiday this friday. the teak cockpit soles were fitted when the boat was new. we may not be back to the boat prior to christmas should we oil the teak cockpit decks when we leave the boat letting the oil soak in while we are not there or does this create more problems than it solves.

how to clean protect finish boat teak decking sealants and ... see how to clean protect and finish your boat's teak decking 2 part system for cleaning brightening rejuvenating your boat or yachts teak decking for more ...

teak oil finish - how many coats? - by keen1 @ lumberjocks ... teak oil basically consists of linseed oil which imparts little if any surface protection to the wood. with children playing on the swing i would rather put some surface protection on which the poly or urethane will do.-- challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful- joshua marine.

3 ways to clean teak furniture - wikihow oil the teak wood. purchase some tung or linseed oil at your local home improvement store and apply it to the furniture. use a paintbrush to make even strokes across the entire surface of the teak wood furniture. you can use a damp cloth the wipe up any excess oil as you continue painting.

how to restore teak on your boat | most teak oils use a base of either linseed or tung oil. linseed is cheaper but will darken your wood. tung oil is more expensive but it is also water-resistant. paint on several coats of the oil of your choice carefully wiping up excess oil. your wood is sufficiently saturated with oil when there are no shiny spots on the wood and it appears to have a matte finish.

amazon: star brite 085116pw teak oil 16 oz ... star brite golden teak oil is the finest sealer/preserver/finish for marine teak and other fine woods. star brite uses natural oils that are ultra-refined and chemically modified to form high molecular weight polymers that withstand long-term exposure to salt water and harsh weather.

amazon: star brite 085116pw teak oil 16 oz ... really nice teak oil! had seen this used in marine environments on boats and swim platforms and decided to try it for a teak shelf unit in our shower. it goes on really easy and we waited 5 minutes like the instructions indicated and wiped down the excess. it looks great and beads the water from the shower.

teak maintenance - forums do not use raw linseed oil. it can take months to cure sunlight causes it to darken to black over time. it is best used for garden toolhandles. teak is hard dense oil rich takes years for it to take a finish the oil in it keeps coming to the surface and driving the finish off.

teak care - boattech - boatus linseed oil tends to darken the teak but it is significantly cheaper. tung oil doesn't darken the wood and it is more water resistant than linseed oil — a notable advantage for boat use. however a month or two after application it may be hard to discern that much difference since both oils carbonize in the sun and turn dark.

best method to refinish a wood swim platform - good eats! otherwise i like epifanes which is a mixture of varnish and tung oil. it ain't cheap ($40+ a quart) but it will provide the best gloss you will ever see on teak. and since it's a marine product it will stand up to the water and weather. i don't think straight tung oil will last the season outdoors in a boating environment.

teak platform [archive] - tigé what is the best teak oil / treatment for the swim platrom? tigé > ... my father had sail boats for many years and he always used crude linseed oil but it isn't esy to find. on my tige i have used the starbright product and it has done a good job so far. ... apply teak oil 12: re-attach platform usually takes me 2 hours or so i ...

how to finish teak - power & motoryacht although teak is an oily wood the “teak oil” sold in marine stores doesn’t usually come from the tree; it’s often a mixture of linseed oil resin solvents and driers. it’s actually not much different from spar varnish having similar ingredients but in different proportions.

should you treat teak patio furniture with teak oil ... if you have just bought a new teak dining set or adirondack chair for your patio please don’t be in a rush to treat it with teak oil unless you’re sure that’s the approach you wish to take. remember that the products sold as “teak oil” are actually mostly composed of linseed oil and not oil from teak wood.

totalboat marine wood finish - jamestown distributors totalboat marine wood finish is a protective wood treatment for teak and other wood above the waterline. this flexible breathable finish provides exceptional weather protection. ... linseed oil ... i used this product for the first time on a 45 year old teak swim platform. the prep work was considerable and tedious getting years of old ...

swim platform - planetnautique forums i have recently sanded and oiled my platform again i usually try to do it every 4 or 5 months to keep it looking great .i use a mix of 30 parts linseed oil and 70 parts turps with to coat `s it look like new again. the sun in austrailia is pretty harsh so maintenence is a big issue if you want you boat to look its best every time it hits the water.

redoing swim platform (and other teak) page: 1 - iboats ... re: redoing swim platform (and other teak) i dunno about you vinyl but i like my swim deck a little rough. it is slippery enough when it is wet i can't imagine having it sanded smooth and varnished like an old wood boat. i just give mine a good rub down with teak oil a couple times a year. maintains the color without making it slippery.

how to refinish teak swim step. - diy and how to's ... then apply linseed oil from like home depot. it will look like new and you wont have to apply expensive teak oil each time. reapply linseed oil half way through the summer. i ran into so old boat refinisher from cali in a west marine store he is the one that told how to take care of teak properly.

cleaning up my teak swim platform page: 1 - iboats boating ... re: cleaning up my teak swim platform i was just quoted $47 a linear foot for 5/4 teak -- three inches wide. i've never needed to use anything heavier than 120 grit to smooth the feel of teak after power washing. it also responds to a surprisingly light touch. tung oil is my preference also for the finish. a swim platform takes a lot of abuse.

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