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how to install decking in boat which has never had a deck

how to install decking in boat which has never had a deck

how do you install composite decking best

to install composite decking with a hidden fastening system start at the house by face screwing the first board. next screw a hidden fastener clip into the groove on top of each joist. then slide the groove of the next board into the clips and tighten with a rubber mallet.

how to protect your wood deck from the sun’s harsh rays - the ...

my wife is a harsh critic of anything synthetic in building products. she has never liked any of the composite decking materials until she saw this one.

sailnet community - teak decks on a new boat - buy or not?

i would never replace the wood siding on my home with vinyl - nor would i buy a house that had vinyl siding - especially if it had a "wood grain". . . but that's just me since i despise faux synthetic materials made to look like a natural material. the same is true of boat decks.

teak deck replacement on a 40 foot boat. - youtube

the passed winter we have had the most extensive overhaul project onboard our sail boat since it was built. a lot of work has been done both inside and out. teak deck renewal was the main project ...

now on deck - passagemaker

had i been doing it the cork strip would have been either too wide or too narrow for that last open space. obviously those planning skills are needed when one begins laying cork on an 18-foot-wide deck that lives up to the marine designer's creed: never build a boat with square corners.

composite decking for docks -- anyone try it?

composite decking for docks -- anyone try it? has anyone used or any other brand of composite decking on their dock? i'm going to replace the 2x6 decking on my dock and i love the idea of the composite stuff.

sailnet community - teak decks replacement

another often hidden cost is the cost of removing and reinstalling the deck hardware. this can be a very big number in itself especially since the mounting holes are not visible on the finished deck. experienced yards will generally produce templates and check them after the hardware has been removed but before the teak decking has been removed.

traditional plank deck...layed over plywood or not?

i have worked on many boats that had decks laid in the traditional manner of planking laid directly on the beams sans sub deck. in all cases these decks had lasted nearly fifty or more years. on the other hand i have never worked on a deck that was laid over plywood including the one on my own boat that did not have problems involving rot ...

a beginner’s guide to a successful plasdeck installation.

my assignment was to install the deck system onto our family boat record the process and create installation videos as well as an enhanced guide. i’ve had only a few pointers from the owners of the company and our professional installers. other than that i’ve been left alone to install this product with my husband and six year old step-son.

deck on an old aluminum boat what to use? plywood ... - boat design net

unless you sink your boat the planks will never get this wet again so there will always be a slight gap at each plank edge which will let water drain off and the boards can breath normally. as to treating the wood well there's a few ways to go dutch oil will be the simplest and cheapest but you'll need to apply more a couple of times a year.

how to install decking in aluminum boat which has never had a deck

new stem ribs transom seats and decks. ... the boat has been in our family since the 1960s and has been boathouse kept. .... owners manual and parts booklets bronze and aluminum propellers. .... a 1960 johnson 75hp electric start great paint on engine cover - never had an alternator motor ran great when put away.

how to remove carpet and glue from a pontoon boat the easy way ...

despite your best efforts some of the advice given in this guide to removing carpet from a pontoon boat might still leave you with wooden decking that you don’t like the look of. it also might not give you a smooth surface to work with for the new carpet and glue or you might find the glue doesn’t stick as well as you want.

teak decking over steel - bad idea?? | page 3 | boat design net

a friend with a lot of cruising experience bought a steel boat with a teak deck. as soon as he paid for her he took a crowbar to the teak. by nightfall the coast was covered in teak bits( i used some for firewood) and the deck was back to steel exposing many holes where it had rusted thru.

how to put choice deck on a pontoon boat - green composite decking

products case. how to put choice deck on a pontoon boat - composite wood deck. aluminum decking on a pontoon boat | wahoo decks | wahoo decks... it has become a popular choice in pontoon boat decking.

can you install new decking over old deck boards? |

installing decking over old decking will drastically reduce the lifespan of the material. the joints between two materials will readily trap water in wet environments. this contact area should be limited only to the top of the joists leaving most of the decking exposed on both sides.

synthetic teak decking - technical discussion | yachtforums: we know ...

capt bill11 senior member. i had found teak decking planks last year at around $10 a sq ft obviously plus install... for smaller surfaces this comes to around $30 a sq ft in ready to install sheets with the caulking between planks. the sheets aren't ideal for long decks because of curving but woudl work well for cockpits...

boat decks: teak vs synthetic teak - sail magazine

while i would never put a pvc deck on a wooden boat it dresses up a composite boat quite nicely. ultimately it’s a matter of personal taste. in terms of retrofits installing synthetic decking over a large area takes a good deal of care and skill if you want it to look right. the devil is in the details.

wood deck resurfacing ideas - ask the builder

if you’ve ever had a painted deck that’s peeled you only make that mistake one time as it’s a nightmare to refinish and re-coat. semi-transparent sealers = film formers many deck sealers have the consistency of traditional penetrating wood stains and one would think they soak into the wood fibers.

decking-when and when not to. -

mod v decking issues.they are measured the same way as flat bottom jon boats. i have never seen a mod v under 48 inches across the bottom.i'm sure they are around.mod vs are kind of tricky because of the different shapes of the bow from different manufactures.i wouldn't deck any under 48 inches.mod vs have a tenancy to become unstable in choppy ...

pontoon restoration flooring ideas - pontoon forum > get help with ...

all of our pontoon boat vinyl flooring is covered by a 3 year warranty. marine grade plywood is warrantied for 40 years against deterioration. carpet warranty covers any fading or deterioration. our pontoon boat carpet is designed to be glued completely to the deck of your boat.

boat deck & floor restoration tutorial how to fix mend and replace ...

boat deck & floor restoration tutorial how to fix mend and replace rotten plywood fiberglass uk james ford. ... an education in boat rot and how it is almost never easy to fix - duration: ...

how to waterproof plywood boat deck - youtube

how to waterproof plywood boat deck ... previously stated and had to change their 'maintenance-free' claims to 'low-maintenance' explaining that decking would require cleaning multiple times every ...

laying teak decking - on board with mark corke

keep the sander moving so as not to make ridges in the surface. use a light touch stopping often to sweep away the dust and check on progress. run your fingers over the surface to check for hollows and lumps. if your boat has a diamond tread moulded into the fiberglass you need to completely sand that off until the surface is smooth.

wood deck resurfacing ideas - ask the builder

she’s never liked any of the composite decking materials until she saw this one. this is the deck on my own home. the upper deck was original with the house and the lower deck i built the summer of 2016.

repairing deck dings - sail magazine

1. these dings have not penetrated deeply and they can be fixed with epoxy filler a putty knife and sandpaper2. whatever was dropped on the deck has managed to go through the fiberglass and into the core. this repair will need to be done carefully with glass mat and epoxy

composite decking on a pontoon boat stylishly replaces rotted plywood ...

different types of decking on pontoon boats. far and away the most common type of deck used on a pontoon boat is a plywood deck with plastic carpeting installed over it. this is not the most appealing combination in terms of look feel or longevity. the biggest problem is that the plywood beneath is prone to rotting.

simple way to install a liftable floorboard or casting deck in a boat

10 - the drawing on page 2 shows installation for a deck board. but the installation for a floorboard is nearly identical except that instead of the board being aligned with the tops of adjacent bench seats the board would now be positioned below the bench seat tops or a few inches above the bottom hull of the boat.

how to stain a deck quickly the right way | brad the painter

if you have never sealed your deck and want to only do this once… look into the eco-wood lifetime stain you can also spray. on this post i link to the video. it’s fine for decks but the color will fade if you use the color versions. you never have to treat your deck again…it’s what i put on my deck.

foam deck such as raptor--your experience? - sport boat anarchy ...

indecent haste does get used a lot and the original eva foam is still fine soft and grippy. it has a few chips out of it on the edge of the wings but that's what it's there for. it's washed after sailing and sits under a cover when not in use. apart from that it's never needed maintaining.

the ship model forum • view topic - wooden decks - how to apply

i would have thought that if the planks are coming away as separate items then the deck itself has been 'over' laser cut as it should have just had them burnt into the surface. i have only ever used pontos models decks and having just fitted the 1/200 bismarck with its main deck can vouch that they are no trouble.

all decked out with -

before i could even guess at how much i’d need i had to measure and template the entire boat’s deck. this is actually a bit tougher than one might think because sheet material is only available in a few specific sizes: 39” x 77” 18” x 74” and 18” x 38”.

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