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can i put vinyl fence over existing fence posts

can i put vinyl fence over existing fence posts

how to strengthen fence posts without pouring concrete ...

how to strengthen fence posts without pouring concrete concrete can actually encourage upheaval but gravel allows water to drain around the fence posts for better support. jupiterimages/comstock ...

converting a wood fence to vinyl. | hometalk

is it possible to use the wood posts from a wooden fence to cover with the white vinyl posts when putting up vinyl fencing. i am trying to save money/labor costs in hiring somebody to take down the wooden fence and put up a white vinyl fence. so far i’ve gotten quotes around $3400. i know the materials cost about $1700 for 166 feet of fencing.

can you install vinyl fence posts without concrete? | best ...

best vinyl recommends using concrete to install fence posts for a number of reasons. one of the biggest reasons is the consistency of the vinyl fence installation. when installing the vinyl fence posts into the ground it is important to know that soil is never uniform and will change over time.

putting up new decorative vinyl fence panels - the

putting up new decorative vinyl fence panels. hi. we're replacing the old wooden fence that sets off the area to our front doorway. ... like said if the posts are in decent condition and spaced correctly than you can simply slide over new pvc posts (they are hollow sleeves) over the existing posts.

how to set fence posts in concrete and gravel

setting fence posts in concrete set fence posts in fast-setting concrete if you're planning to leave the fence in place for a long time or if you have very loose sandy soil. first dig the holes using an auger or a post-hole digger. plan to set at least one-fourth to one-third of the fence post underground and dig the hole accordingly.

how to install or repair a vinyl fence post – fence daddy

) learn how to install remove and repair vinyl fence posts. do vinyl fence posts need wood inserts? vinyl fence post metal insert options. when you first install how deep should a vinyl fence post be? save time and money repair vinyl fence post hole plugs with a vinyl fence patch kit.

pros and cons of using steel posts for a wood fence

if you are planning to install a houston wood fence on your property you might consider using high-quality steel posts rather than wood or vinyl-covered wood. although steel fence posts and pipes are primarily used for chain-link fences they have several advantages when used with a wooden fence.they could be sunk in concrete as with wooden posts but if they are sunk deep enough concrete is ...

installing new 8ft fence re-using existing 4ft posts ...

i need to install a taller fence in my yard. two of my dogs (both hounds) have figured out they can jump the 4ft fence. i would very much like to reuse the existing 4ft posts - theyre already plumb and driven below the frost line (and it's currently winter here so digging new holes now will be a bitch & a half).

how to install a vinyl fence slide over a wood post | hunker

installing vinyl fence slides over wooden posts has several advantages. the slides are hollow vinyl and are about 1/3 the price of solid vinyl posts. this method of fencing also saves money because you have no need for treated wooden posts due to the slide and cap which will protect wooden posts from weathering rotting and pests.

5 in. x 5 in. x 8 ft. white vinyl fence post - the

barrette outdoor living - 5 in. x 5 in. x 8 ft. white vinyl fence post - this vinyl post features a lightweight design that requires no painting and resists rust and decay when placed into the ground. - thd sku# 284503

vinyl fence over existing wood posts? : diy

vinyl fence over existing wood posts? i currently have a 5 foot high wood cedar fence that i would like to replace with a vinyl fence. the wood posts are all in perfect condition. is it possible to use them and slide the hollow vinyl sleeve posts over them? this would save me a lot of time and money.

adding height to existing vinyl fence ideas with pictures

how to adding height to existing vinyl fence security privacy and appearance of your retaining wall or existing block wall with wall extension fencing.height existing for a vinyl fence wood wall installs a fence height extension. there are different types of lattice material such as polyethylene vinyl and wood.

existing wood fence posts with vinyl fence panels - youtube

pvc fences require little maintenance are durable and can last for many years. pvc fencing is available in a variety of styles and colors with white being the most popular choice.

vinyl fence over existing wood posts -

aug 5 2009 gravel is sometimes used under vinyl fence posts not for drainage but to provide moved into an existing home. . so i have had two conversations with vinyl about install/costs. one quote will be for the vinyl posts to go over a 6' not just a wood or vinyl substitute fiber cement is a stellar siding choice get price

what to consider when replacing an existing fence

what to consider when replacing an existing fence depending upon the type of materials used or their age sometimes a homeowner needs to replace a fence. wood fences in particular can last a long time; yet unlike vinyl or aluminum wood fences may eventually require replacement after decades’ worth of service.

can i use the existing wire fence to add privacy wood or ...

can i use the existing wire fence to add privacy wood or vinyl fence. ... a living fence with out vines. use landscape fabric (holes in bottom for drainage) and make pockets attach these to fence all over fill w/ soil and plants (flowering evergreen or herbs)-- or you could attach pallets to wire fence--stain or paint- line areas between slats ...

4 mistakes to avoid when installing a vinyl fence ...

even that issue can be remedied with paint. installing a vinyl fence isn't like installing other fences. the information below will share with you mistakes you can avoid when installing a vinyl fence. 1. shallow holes. when you build a vinyl fence you have to make sure that the posts are inserted deep enough in the ground.

how to add wood fence to existing chain link fence posts

many customers are interested in how they can convert their chain link fence to wood. unfortunately the chain link fence conversion to wood fence isn't an easy transition. in theory it can be done but in practice there are many factors that are working against you. issue # 1 most chain link fences have posts that are spaced right around 10' apart.

#1 deal vinyl existing installing fence posts over 🎯 buy ...

installing vinyl fence over existing posts description. installing vinyl fence over existing posts. if you find product deals.if at the time will discount more savings so you already decide you want have installing vinyl fence over existing posts for your but you don't know where to get the best price for this installing vinyl fence over existing posts .

can i attach my new fence to my neighbors posts and fence?

it's best to talk to your neighbour first you can avoid a lot of possible headaches. also talk to your cities building department about it. most of the time if the fence is on the property line you both own it and are responsible for repairs. so you would be able to use the existing posts.

how to set vinyl fence post on an existing concrete wall ...

i am putting in a new vinyl fence where there is a concrete retaining wall. the old wood fence was held in place with metal pipes and brackets on top of the retaining wall. i want to use the existing wall and put the vinyl fence post over the pipe and then pour cement inside the post to make it solid about three feet up.

attach vinyl fence post to existing cement pad - answers

to see some different types of vinyl fence post mounts you can visit ... can you install ceramic floor over vinyl ... it is possible to get steps that can be put into any existing pool

installing vinyl fence over existing posts | tyres2c

installing vinyl fence over existing posts awesome 6 ft pvc build a wood fence with metal posts that s actually beautiful how to install a vinyl fence kraski us how to install vinyl fencing fence sample fence posts metal galvanized square outdoor installing vinyl fence fresh tampa pvc fencing.

can i use my existing wood fence posts to install a new ...

you need to research it a bit but there are some types of vinyl fence systems that will provide vinyl wraps that fit over existing posts already in the ground between which vinyl panels can be affixed.. the key issue would be how well the space between the existing posts will accommodate the standard widths of the available vinyl fence panels.

how to install a vinyl fence | this old house

2. when starting against an existing fence post or other object dig the first fence-post hole to 32 inch deep using a manual post-hole digger. 3. prepare the vinyl fence posts by first cutting a pressure-treated 5x5 into 24-inch-long pieces. insert a piece of 5x5 inside the hollow vinyl post. secure it with galvanized screws. 4.

vinyl fence post mount adapter. price is per each pc. buy ...

vinyl fence post mount adapter. price is per each pc. buy 2 for each post. vinyl fence post mount adapter. price is per each pc. buy 2 for each post. $13.99 ... assemble the brackets take 2 post mount brackets and slide the inner cylinder of the post mount over the outside of steel pipe. line up the brackets place the pipe with the two post ...

fence: new boards over old?? | this old house

plus removing the old pickets would be difficult and i worry it could harm the rails if pried off over-enthusiastically. so.... i am thinking of buying some dog-ear topped fence boards from the local hd and applying them over the surface of the existing boards. this would make the fence double-thinkness.

attaching wire mesh to vinyl fence or wood fence

attaching wire mesh to vinyl fence or attaching wire mesh to wood fence is a economical option. ... the problem is that you really can’t pull welded wire tight over an uneven terrain. with field fence you have a little more flexibility on uneven surfaces. ... use a garden t-post. they are shorter and easier to install than traditional t-post.

can i install 6' 6x6 fence posts onto a cement driveway ...

a fence post has very little vertical force...mainly just the weight of the post and panels it holds. your driveway slab would work fine as a footing for that. however the primary force on a fence is typically lateral--especially a 6' fence. the reason posts are put into the ground is to counter lateral forces on the fence (typically the wind).

how to put a wood fence on chain link posts |

many people have old chain link fences in their yard that they would like to upgrade to a wood fence. instead of removing all the components of the chain link the posts can be used for the new fence upgrade. reusing existing posts will prevent you from having to dig and purchase extra material ...

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