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water leak from second floor deck

water leak from second floor deck

how do i stop our exterior tile deck from leaking? -

answer - the leaking of deck causing damages in the ceiling below is the symptom of the cause of the problem. treating the symptom will not remediate the cause of the problem. if the deck is leaking then it hasn't been properly waterproofed below the tile over the substrate.

during heavy rain only i got a leak in ceiling of 1st ...

during heavy rain only i got a leak in ceiling of 1st floor and no pipes above. who do i call? i have new windows (about 3 years now) gutters are okay. we just had a big rain overnight and into the day and i noticed a big circle of water and a small one on the kitchen/dining area ceiling.

how to stop a leak of water through a concrete floor

up vote 0 down vote. the tiles on the floor the grout the water leaks through there. the pipe also sweats and sweating means water. the pipe is on the outside rain and the water from roof can slide down the wall and wet the pipe which leads inside.

leak proof an upper patio floor/wall joint - diy housing ...

the fact that the room below the upper patio is showing no sign of leak on its side on the shared wall with porch suggest to me the leak is located in the immediate upper patio tiled floor & wall joint area along the floor wall joint (maximum length about 3-4 metres.

hard driving rain causes leak around window | hometalk

that water travels down and penetrates the sheet rock atop and on the sides of the first floor window located directly below the second floor window mentioned above. to eradicate these leaks voids in brick and mortar have been filled with appropriate weatherproof clear silicone.

water leaks in at floor level when raining | hometalk

water leaks in at floor level when raining. what was happening was the stone wall was allowing water to seep through the wall system. the asphalt paper installed behind the stone was done incorrectly and the window wrap was installed over the paper and not under it. and the window flashing was done incorrectly.

second floor patio deck leaking concrete

second floor patio deck leaking concrete. flat roof decks and patios cool flat roof ma. most roof decks leak because they are typically made of flat roofing materials for most builders is to use roof cement or pitch-pockets – both of these methods .the roof deck also serves as the entrance to a second floor apt in a duplex. get-prices.

why is my deck leaking - how to repair it - youtube

why is my deck leaking - how to repair it - call 619-850-4794 for a free estimate on all your deck repairs and deck waterproofing - in these videos you will see why deck leak and how to repair them -

i have a small balcony on the second floor of my home. the ...

i have a small balcony on the second floor of my home. the balcony sits over the front of my living room. water is seeping into the living room below from above around the balcony door area but noone can seem to pinpoint the source of the problem or defect. the balcony floor is a flat roof on top of which sits a wooden deck floor.

what to do if water is seeping through the floor

if the water is seeping up through the floor it could be a result of insufficiently-sealed foundations or there could be cracks in the foundation floor. step three: dry out your home. the first step in drying out your home is to make sure the humidity in the room is not too high the temperature is low and the air is circulating.

how to fix a leaking balcony - build your balcony correctly

water leaks in balcony areas into homes is a massive problem. ... how to fix a leaking balcony - build your balcony correctly build like the pros ... installing tile floor for the first time ...

how to trace a leak in the ceiling | home guides | sf gate

a potted plant set over a second-story floor register can leak sending water dribbling down the duct until it exits through a duct seam and stains the ceiling beneath.

how to keep second floor deck from dripping water onto ...

how to keep second floor deck from dripping water onto first floor deck we are planning to build a second floor deck over an existing deck. will be 16 x 12 when finished.

find and repair hidden plumbing leaks

supply leaks under the kitchen sink or bath vanity can go unnoticed for a long time since they’re usually at the back of the cabinet. water can run down the pipes into the floor or subfloor rotting the sink base the floor and the framing. signs of under sink plumbing trouble:

here's one about waterproofing a balcony. - decks ...

there is no roof. the balcony joists are the ceiling joists in the garage. the house sits atop stilts and as a typical stilt construction for the gulf front property the lower area becomes parking. in this instance the lower area was scabbed together much like a pole barn and was sided straight up. so the deck is leaking into his sheetrocked garage.

how to locate a leak and repair a buckled wood floor: 6 steps

there are several likely sources of the water leak and until this has been located and corrected repairing the floor will not give good long lasting results. the most likely source of the leak is the plumbing located in the wall adjacent to the damaged floor. by observing how close to the nearest wall the damage is...

how to repair leaking concrete deck - ask the builder

quick column summary: cracked concrete roof deck is leaking are silicone and hydrolic cement needed do not use silicone use epoxy then a concrete overlay libbie a handy woman hailing from port alberni british columbia canada - our northern ally - emailed me with a great message.

what is the best way to make a deck water proof? | green ...

of key importance is the flashing and waterproofing around the edges where the deck meets the second floor walls and/or parapet. the metal flashing is interlaced with the waterproofing to be sure there is no leakage at this weak link.

i have problem on my balcony on the second floor. when it ...

i have problem on my balcony on the second floor. when it rains it leaks water into the house and the first floor ceiling is getting water stained. i would like to know what materials and steps to do to repair my balcony.

leaked water from 2nd floor to 1st floor!

i was cleaning a bathtub on the second floor and unfortunately left the water on with the sprayer on the floor. it ran for about 5 - 10 minutes before discovered. the water leaked through the tile floor and dripped through the ceiling of the first floor.

my upstairs carpet is wet what do i do (home water & smoke ...

so if a full wetted circle in the carpet the leak is about at the center of the wetted circle (usually meaning came from above through a ceiling fan or light fixture but could also be from an in-floor heating loop system if in concrete floor) or if a wetted area extending away from the wall in an arc but only wetted at one wall find the midpoint of the wetted area along the wall and the leak likely came from that point from inside (or under from adjacent room) at the wall.

second floor deck leaking? | yahoo answers

i have a concrete deck on the second floor of my house above the garage but below my bedroom. water accumulates and pools on the deck. it doesn't slope away from the house like it should so it leaks. how can i fix it to have a slope or to make it stop leaking?

second floor balcony leak in san diego - decksgo

second floor balcony leak in san diego. the wood is about 25 years old and rotted. when it rains water leaks down to first floor room below balcony where it meets house and sliding glass door. i am changing out all the wood but i want to make sure the leak is stopped. there is also the original metal flashing that sits below...

how to trace a leak in the ceiling | home guides | sf gate

check the cabinet beneath a second-story sink if dampness or a water stain is noticeable on the main floor ceiling -- directly beneath the sink. a possible cause of a ceiling leak in a two-story ...

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