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teak deck removal cost

step-by-step installation of teak planking using west ... sanding and finishing took two full weekends and $300 in sander rentals and pads. after completing the finish sanding and removing all swirl marks we were ready to hydro-wash the teak deck to remove the fine teak dust trapped in the pores and grains of the planks. this step is very important to achieve the brightest golden hue from the teak deck.

replacing teak decks is a monumental job | cruising world replacing teak decks is a monumental job. with able helpers replacing a ruined deck is possible.

2019 teak decking prices | average teak deck cost types ... average minimum cost of teak decking: $7 per board foot; average maximum cost of teak decking: $41 per board foot; advantages of teak decking. the reason that teak wood is among the most popular materials for decks has a lot to do with its unique ability to thrive in outdoor conditions.

the cockpit project -- replacing the teak decking the cockpit project -- replacing the teak decking. i decided to replace the teak with plasdeck synthetic teak instead of real teak for several reasons not the least of which was the cost. the price beneteau quoted for replacement teak panels was a …

sailboat refit pt 2: removing the teak deck | followtheboat would you remove a teak deck? this is the second in our series of articles about sy esper’s complete refit in thailand for sailing today magazine.. after 25 years even 15mm teak starts to show signs of wear. they didn’t skimp on teak back in those days and every horizontal surface of the boat was covered in it.

refit & repairs – teak solutions the cost of a teak deck reseam is 40 to 50 percent of the cost of a new teak deck. therefore all considerations must be made to ensure the client receives a refurbished product which will last at minimum 5 to 8 years. if this cannot be achieved the teak deck should be removed and replaced. repairs

teak deck removal - cruisers & sailing forums the teak decks were laid over fiberglass and secured with hundreds of fasteners. after removal two layers of heavy fiberglass cloth was laid down and some 8 coats of awlgrip were applied including two coats of non-skid. the work was supervised by a canadian master shipwright. removal alone cost $14600.

laying a teak deck on a yacht | antigua slipway teak deck removal repair for over 50 years we have installed more than 2000 m2 of teak decks cap-rail teak gratings and custom interior floors on many yachts super yachts and mega yachts at the antigua slipway

all decked out - passagemaker during the teak removal process we found that water had worked its way into the wood underlay aft of the cabin trunk over the lazarette hatch. the fiberglass under the teak deck literally lifted off in 1-foot squares. as a result we learned early on that the entire aft section as well as the aft hatches needed to be rebuilt.

cost of teak decking - calculate 2019 prices & installation if you’re looking for 2019 breakdown for cost of teak decking materials and what installation cost might be you’ve come to the right place. as an experienced licensed home improvement contractor i know first hand what it should cost for various levels — from basic better and of course the best.

sailnet community - teak decks replacement there are three areas of cost. deck removal and replacement hardware removal and re-installation and possible repair of the sub-deck. the teak deck will cost $ 100- 140 sq ft.

recommended yards for teak deck removal & replacement with ... i’m seeking recommendations of boatyards on the us east coast that youve had good experience with removing a teak deck and then replacing it with something else. looking to do that (replacing with a synthetic laminate) on my bristol 45.5. id have to be there and work on it with them for the durat...

fiberglassing a teak deck - woodenboat i'm new to this forum and started out by searching old posts to see if someone has experience with glassing over teak decks but could not find any. i have a 1969 grand banks with teak planking on top of 9mm (roughly 3/8") plywood. the planks started out roughly 7/8" thick but due to wear and (most likely) previous owners' sanding they are now down to between 1/2 and 5/8 inch.

grand banks wooden teak deck repair replace | oxford yacht teak deck repair of course we also will do teak deck repairs in the boatyard to bring them back to the best condition they can be. this involves re-sealing all the through-deck fittings replacing all bungs that are gone and re-sealing any areas that have pulled away from the teak.

teak deck some comparisons on cost and materials teak deck some comparisons on cost and materials. the ring is 21 sq mts and the rest is 21 sq.mts. teak replacement. probably about 150 man hours i will have to put in. all above 10 0r 12mm quarter sawn. uk company that can work from templates and supply panels is similar to usa but have not pushed for full price.

s&s swan association including disassembling all fittings removing the old teak preparing the subdeck laying a new 12mm epoxy-bonded teak deck and putting all hardware and fittings back the cost worked out at € 1150 per square metre.

cost of replacing teak decks... - sailnet community $80 - $100 per hour to remove the teak repair the core (assuming it can be repaired) replace the deck. at least 100 man hours or more. $20-30 per board ft for new teak to they say "priceless" because unless you really know what you are doing or have patterns for the boat 15-20% waste in cutting fitting and such.

remove and replace teak deck with fiberglass - 49' grand ... after investigating cost of new teak as well as synthetic deck material the decision was made to remove the old teak repair underlayment as required prime and paint deck with dupont ms 600 and a polymeric non skid compound. deck color was chosen to match current production grand banks

re-caulking a teak deck using teak decking systems caulk in the tropics the teak deck may become so hot from the sun that the uncured caulking will bubble out of the seams. 3. seams should be thoroughly cleaned back to fresh wood. old caulking can be removed with a razor knife and reefing hook a router or circular saw .

teak deck maintenance using boracol - sailing britican for our 56’ sailboat with full teak decking the replacement cost to remove prepare and relay new teak came to around the $95000 mark. i was told it’s cheaper to get a new teak deck in thailand but i wonder just how much cheaper it would be?!

teak decks - tlc boat repair teak decks there is no better finish to a quality boat than teak decks and at tlc we can custom design and build a genuine hand made teak deck to traditional designs your own design or why not leave the layout to our experienced craftspeople .

how to care for teak decks - how to care for teak decks. over-enthusiastic attempts to scrub your teak deck could cost you a fortune at the boatyard in the long-run. by rupert holmes. november 19 2018. ... this will minimise removal of the soft timber between the grain and significantly reduce the rate of wear.

the care and feeding of teak decks - don’t underestimate this; a new teak deck for a 40-foot boat will cost upwards of $30000 (and it’s a bill that all too frequently comes as an unpleasant surprise to the owner). the biggest problem is that the gorgeous scrubbed look that we all see on photos of superyachts and classic vessels literally wears the deck away at up to one tenth of an inch of thickness each year.

teak deck removal - albin owners teak decks and trim require re-sealing...just like any deck fitting needs re-bedding over the years. my 1980 has had the decks re-caulked once (about 2002) and that part is holding up fine. now with the wearing of the suface the bungs are failing and the screws leak.

teak decking cost guide - 2019 teak decking typical ... teak decking - pricing and installation cost notes. the homewyse teak decking cost estimates do not include costs for removal or disposal of existing decking repair of damage due to existing decking construction of benches railings or structures attached to the deck. the homewyse cost estimates include all typical costs for foundation...

restoring our teak decks | m/v archimedes – an old grand ... some people love teak decks some people hate them. we are firmly in the first group. to me real seaworthy boats have teak decks. but i understand why others faced with a significant cost of repair choose to pull the decks off and go with non-skid fiberglass. lower cost and lower maintenance in the years to come.

typical grand banks repairs | oxford yacht grand banks deck repairs and removal. teak decks are nice when they look good and function like they are intended but like all other parts of your boat they require maintenance and once they have gone too far will need to be serviced. see teak deck repairs or removal in our service log.

the truth about teak decks - practical boat owner if that isn’t enough to make you care for your deck then consider the cost of replacement. teak costs approximately £3000 a cubic metre. but you’ll need a lot more than you think because just cutting down a big plank to size wastes a hideous amount of wood. the cost of the teak is a large part of the final bill.

the care and feeding of teak decks - once the caulking has been applied the deck will need to be sanded again to get rid of the excess caulking compound. if any other problems are sorted at this same time this procedure can help a carefully looked after deck to last for a further five to 10 years yet should cost a small fraction of a new teak deck.

how do i replace my teak deck’s plugs? teak decks are often very securely glued down with flexible sealant and the screws are there to hold down the wood until the sealant dries. if you like you can just remove the screw and fill the hole with epoxy. this is an especially useful technique if there is not enough teak left to set the screw deeper.

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